Teddy KnapeTeddy’s passion for skiing was such that he infected everyone around him with the same enthusiasm. If Teddy was there no day on the mountain was dull. Along his voyage from the slopes of the Midwest to the mountains of the Northwest, Teddy built powerful friendships with everyone who shared his passion. I knew that, like countless other of Teddy’s friends scattered across the globe in search of snow and snow’s brotherhood, I wouldn’t be where I was, alone on a mountain of breathtaking beauty, far away from home, without his influence.

Teddy was just a joy to be around and an absolute pleasure to be friends with. He was quite possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met. He loved to have a good time, and he truly lived life to the fullest. He is gone, but not forgotten, and I, along with anyone who was close with him, think about him every day and will never stop missing him until I get to see him again, which I truly believe I will.

Teddy personally launched the careers of many of the skiers that are at the forefront of the sport today. He is going to be sorely missed even by those that didn’t know him first hand.

Teddy Knape jumpingI can tell you that Teddy was one of the finest men I have ever known, and he will be missed dearly by many. Most people struggle through their whole lives trying to find the happiness Teddy found in skiing.

I could never imagine what my life would be like if I had never met Teddy. The void he leaves in the ski industry and the in the people who know him can’t and never will be replaced.

Teddy was a rare breed in such an amazing way. People can learn something valuable from how you lived your life. You were so positive about life, always had a smile on your face and put everyone around you in a good mood.

Teddy Knape filmingTeddy taught me to cherish life.  His love for life was so apparent.  He was always genuinely happy. When I skied with Teddy he was like a kindergarten teacher-so kind, calm and reassuring he made you feel you were capable of anything

He modeled and exemplified a work ethic, kindness, sense of humor and a life that was envied by everyone. When I have kids, and they are struggling in school or complaining about something trivial I will tell them about my friend Teddy Knape, the greatest person I have ever known. I love and miss you dearly Teddy.

Teddy was there for some of the best moments in my skiing and some of my best moments in skiing were because Teddy was there. No matter what the conditions, no matter if people were grumpy or complaining he was smiling and always having a good time. No words will ever truly justify Teddy and what he meant to all of us.

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